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Welcome to BlackBull Accounting!

"BlackBull Accounting is a divinely-inspired company which is privileged and honored to serve others, improving the health and lives of individuals and small businesses." 

- Mark & Tiffany Torr

Welcome to 2024 and the 2023 Tax Filing Season!

For all of you new and long-time BlackBull clients, our updated software platform is all dialed in and ready for its 3rd season. Everything is simplified (signatures, doc uploads, payments, messages, forms, tax returns, etc.). Everything is in one place!! Just call or email (or start uploading your docs) when you are ready to start your taxes.You will receive follow-up notifications by email.

We are working at full capacity. We are here to help you complete your tax filings, get your refunds, and get your tax questions answered so you can focus on more important matters. Here are some highlights:

  1. Our processes still allow you to complete your tax filings 100% remotely (if needed or desired)
  2. You can provide your docs via uploads, office drop-offs, door-slot-drop (after hours), fax, and email
  3. Our remote signing process does NOT require you to come to the office to complete your return
  4. We still offer face-to-face tax return review appointments on Zoom or in person (once the tax return is complete, before you sign; before we eFile)
  5. The standard filing deadlines are:
    1. IRS filing AND payment deadline (CORPORATE): Friday, March 15th 
    2. CA filing AND payment deadline (CORPORATE): Friday, March 15th
    3. IRS filing AND payment deadline (PERSONAL): Monday, April 15th
    4. CA filing AND payment deadline (PERSONAL): Monday, April 15th  
    5. IRS/CA extension deadline (CORPORATE): Monday, September 16th
    6. IRS/CA extension deadline (PERSONAL): Tuesday, October 15th
  6. Feel free to call or email our office regarding any questions or concerns. We are here to help! 

We provide the service and professionalism you should expect. At BlackBull, if you feel we are over-delivering, then we are doing our job correctly. We thank you for visiting our "Less is More" website and for investigating how BlackBull can help you and your business. We also thank our military members and their families. 


Caution: With BlackBull, you may experience the following:

• Integrity  •  Transparency  •  Value  •  Coaching  •  Education  •  Stress Relief  •  Humor  •  Humility  •  Physical & Financial Pain Relief  •  Friendships  •  Inspiration  •  Tax Savings  •  Encouragement  •  Personal & Business Growth  •  Success  •  Quality  •  Resources  •  Professional Network & Contacts  •  Wealth Creation & Preservation  •  Simplicity  •  Convienience •  Flexibility

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BlackBull is an Enrolled Agent  All-State Tax Firm and Authorized IRS e-File Provider. We prepare personal tax returns for all states with our 100% remote and stress-free tax return process.


Don't forget: You can upload your documents to our Secure Portal. We set up your account and send you an invite. This saves time, money, and travel (or just lets you be lazy, which is ok too).


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At BlackBull, we are proud members, contributors, and volunteers of many organizations including the CA electoral process, our disabled veterans, and thier dogs.