BlackBull Accounting, Inc.

Tax Preparation

One of the BlackBull core specialties is the preparation of personal and business tax returns for clients just like you. Personal: We handle your federal and any state tax returns. Corporate: We specialize in filing your CA Corporate returns. With your federal and state tax returns, we also:

• Guarantee your maximum refund

• Guarantee the accuracy of your return

• Provide Secure File Sharing and Storage

• Offer Digital "Drop-Offs" to save you time and money (and avoid traffic)

• Offer 100% Remote Tax Return Preparation (our clients call it "Taxes in Pajamas")

• Allow you to deduct your fees from your tax refund (nominal bank fee applies)

• Review prior year tax returns for accuracy (consulting fee may apply)

• Provide audit assistance services ($30 pre-paid tax return fee or $400 retainer at time of audit)

• Provide high quality services at a great value (see Bullish Pricing for more details)

Some benefits of BlackBull tax preparation:

  • Reduction of taxes owed 
  • Accuracy and completeness
  • Capture of expenses and deductions
  • Time savings
  • Stress reduction or elimination
  • Reduced chance of an audit and/or letters (hate mail)
  • Explanation of new tax law changes
  • Proactive coaching, tips, and instruction
  • 17-step comprehensive tax prep process
  • 3 stages of quality control and review

For many, the IRS causes fear and uncertainty in their lives. At BlackBull, the IRS doesn't bother us. We understand the IRS, tax law, and how the rules work. As an Enrolled Agent firm, we are licensed to practice before the IRS and can assist and/or represent you in the event of an audit. In essence, BlackBull gets paid to do your worrying for you. It's cheap peace of mind.

Each year, we also help many of our clients with their personal budgets!  Don't be afraid to ask for help.