BlackBull Accounting, Inc.

Consultations: Tax, Business & Books

Learn in 1 hour what you won't find in 40 hours or more of Google searches!

Consulting on taxes, business, and books is a core competency of BlackBull. Our consultation services provide business and personal tax planning, coaching, forecasting, and sometimes just good, old-fashioned advice for individual and small business clients. We offer consults all year-round but have "Consult Season" before and after our "Tax Seasons." Since we only charge $120 (1-hr) or $65 (30-min) as a pay-it-forward to our clients and community, we do LOTS of them.

Note: BlackBull offers Consultation Packages for our Monthly Bookkeeping clients. Please ask for more details.

Whether in your business or your personal finances, effective planning begins with both short and long-term strategies. Strategizing establishes the overall objectives that are maintained with conscientious and consistent annual forecasting and mid-year analysis.

At BlackBull, we do not entirely believe the saying, ”A dollar saved is a dollar earned”. A dollar saved can be worth MORE than a dollar earned because it increases one’s spending power and creates more opportunities. Plus, the dollar saved might be a tax-free dollar. At BlackBull, we love the tax planning puzzle. 

"Work smarter, not harder" may not be the best approach either if it creates a zero-sum gain. What happens if you work both smarter AND harder? This is where good coaching becomes priceless and when truly phenomenal results come to fruition.

Here are most (but not all) of the main topics of conversation:


Business Consults

• Entity Selection & Review  • LLCs & Corporations  • Franchise Taxes  • Corporate Compliance  • S-Corp (election)

• Financial Statement Reviews (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)  • Best Practices  • Business Valuations 

• Cloud Software & Storage  • Advertising  • Best Business Models  • Back-End Office Support  • Branding & Marketing


Tax Consults (Personal & Business)

• Personal Tax Planning  • Corporate Tax Planning  • Estimated Tax Payments  • Tax Penalties, Fees, & Interest

• Self-Employment Taxes  • LLC & Corp Taxes (fed and state)  • Personal & Business Tax Deductions  • Sales Taxes

• Budgeting  • Personal & Business Cash Flow  • Tax Return Review  • Year-End Spending and Purchases


Bookkeeping Consults

• Bookkeeping Software Options  • Desktop vs.Cloud  • Transparency  • Chart of Accounts  • Cost vs. Value   

• Financial Statement Reviews (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet)  • Distributions & Reimbursements  • Assets 

• Banking  • Payments & Merchant Services  • Invoicing  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)  • ROI & Margin Analysis 


Payroll Consults

• Payroll Software Options  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors  •  Owner Salary Calculations

• Retirement Plans and Contributions  • Tax Withholdings including FICA Tax (Social Security & Medicare) 

• Time Tracking  • W-4 and W-9 Completion  • Temp Agencies  • Remote Assistants  • Payroll Compliance