BlackBull Accounting, Inc.

Be Bullish. Spend less and receive more!

At BlackBull, we strive for transparency. Our Tax Prep fees are form-based and fully itemized, and Bookkeeping pricing is hourly (sometimes flat rate) with all work fully itemized; and we do not charge by the hour for professional correspondence. As you know, every tax return is different and requires different forms, so prices vary (see Tracks A, B, C, and EA below). Over the past 10 years, we have consolidated offices, streamlined operations, increased efficiencies, embraced technology, and reduced our overhead. We proudly pass those savings on to you

In general, BlackBull pricing is at or below standard industry pricing. A client of ours told us we are like the "Costco" of the accounting world. We offer high quality services at a great value. We're OK with that! 

Note: We are making extraordinary efforts to keep our pricing as low as possible, but due to the current inflationary market, sagging economy, and insane CA labor costs, some pricing adjustments may be inevitable. Thank you for being understanding.

Although we use the industry’s leading tax and accounting software, BlackBull makes extraordinary efforts to keep costs down. The lower we keep our operating costs, the lower we can keep our fees. At BlackBull, we have decided to impress our clients with amazing service, quality, and value in lieu of fancy high-rise offices and high overhead. So far, that seems to be agreeable with everyone. If you feel we are over-delivering, then we are doing things right! Remember the win/win scenario?  Oh yeah, and don't forget to ask about our Military Discount. We take care of our active duty families!

Here is a quick break down of our pricing structure:

Tax Return Preparation 

  • Our invoices are always itemized showing every form used!
  • No arbitrary, random, or predatory pricing EVER! Pricing is NOT based on income levels, net-worth, refund amount, tax savings, or prep time spent!
  • Basic Federal and State tax returns generally start at $200-300.
  • To provide a rough estimate up front, we have four tax tracks: Tracks A, B, C, and EA based on complexity ​
    • Track A (basic to moderate) - range is $200 - $500 (average is about $390)
    • Track B (moderate) - range is $450 - $600 (average is about $510)
    • Track C (complex) - range is $550 - $900 and up (average is about $645)
    • Track EA (high-level and/or corporate) - generally starts at $600 and up (average is about $920)
  • Pricing changes with complexity (tax forms, schedules, statements, worksheets, and state filings).
  • If your final cost is different than the average, there is always a reason!
  • Additional tax research required is provided at no additional cost.
  • We have options for remote drop-offs and completions for ease and convenience.
  • You may deduct your fees from your tax refund (bank fee applies).
  • We include our Audit Assistance Program for $30 with personal tax prep and $50 with corporate tax prep. If you opt out of AAP, we offer Audit Assistance Services starting at $400.
  • Our comprehensive tax preparation process includes searches for deductions, maximizing refunds, and developing strategies for upcoming years. We treat your tax return as if it were our own!
  • We offer a rush service, LeapFrog, for $200-$500 depending on nature of the return.
  • Fees include e-Filing, Direct Deposit, and tax return document storage.
  • Keep calm! We strive to make sure our fees are never an issue for you. Let us know if you have questions on your tax prep fees.

Corporate & LLC Tax Returns - (1065, 1120, 1120-S) - Our corporate tax prep fees generally cap out where most accounting firms begin! 

  • Corporate/LLC returns start at about $450. The average fee is about $840; however, if your tax prep fee is greater or less than $790, there is a reason. A variety of factors affect entity tax prep pricing: depreciable assets, inventory, balance sheet adjustments, and credits.
  • All Corporate/LLC returns include K-1 generation for Officers & Members.

Some benefits of BlackBull tax preparation:

  • Reduction of taxes owed
  • Increased accuracy and completeness
  • Capture of expenses and deductions
  • Time savings, stress reduction, and peace of mind
  • Explanation of new tax law changes
  • Proactive coaching, tips, and instruction at completion appointment


  • We only charge $75 per hour for bookkeeping!
  • We are an exclusive QuickBooks Online firm with VIP Elite-Level and QBO ProAdvisor Certification (that's kind of a big deal).
  • QuickBooks Online is real-time with 100% client access 24 hours a day - NO down time.
  • Our bookkeeping services can include: QuickBooks Online, QBO set-up, Full Service Payroll set-up, bookkeeping projects, monthly maintenence, customization, imports, uploads, synchronization, tech support, custom chart of accounts, transaction categorization, bank rules, reconciliations, bank sync, and financial statement production.
  • Our customizable Chart of Accounts provides our busy clients with the transparency necessary for solid, business management decision-making in real time.
  • Financial statement production is part of our bookkeeping services and billed accordingly. We strive for tax return ready financials.
  • We bill on the quarter hour (not hour or half hour) to keep your costs down.
  • The tax savings and income generated from professionally prepared books generally surpass the bookkeeping service fees. Most clients experience net gains as a result.
  • Why spend hours of your precious time messing with something we can complete in a fraction of the time?


  • Payroll set-up and maintenance services are provided to our monthly bookkeeping clients as a value-added convenience.
  • After we set up your payroll, we do not charge a payroll fee for our bookkeeping clients (payroll subscription fee only). 
  • 940, 941, W-2s, tax filings, Direct Deposit, etc. are fully-automated as part of your FSPR set-up.
  • Payroll services can include: QBO Full-service payroll set-up, wholesale subscription, and quarterly/annual payroll tax filings including W-2's (1099 filings have an additional filing fee).
  • We are available for payroll consults and back-end support all year.

Consultations & Strategy Planning

  • We offer 1-hour consultations for only $120 as a pay-it-forward to our clients and community.
  • As needed, we can refer you within our network of vetted specialists and trusted advisors.

  Set-Up of Corporations and LLCs

  • We do not bill by the hour like the other CPAs and attorneys we know! All work is included for a flat fee of $1,800 (CA only) (+ filing fees) *fees may vary.
  • Set-Up Includes:
    • Establishing Entity Name (including name availability check)
    • Filing FBN (additional FBNs are only $10 each at time of filing)
    • Filing Employer Identification Number (EIN) 
    • Filing Form 2553 (S-corp election)
    • Limited Offering Exemption Notice (LOEN) filing with Department of Business (DOB) 
    • Initial filing of Statement of Information (SOI)
    • Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI)
    • Incorporator's Statement
    • Initial Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting and Minutes (including waiver)
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Appointment of Registered Agent
    • Corporate Bylaws
    • Stock Certificates & Ledger
    • Official Corporate Seal
    • Corporate Records Book (hardback, embossed binder with case)
    • Annual Reminder Checklist
    • 1-hour business consultation upon completion
    • 27-page Corporate Guide to manage and maintain your new entity
    • Ongoing assistance with corporate compliance and strategies

 Small Business Consulting

  • Mark wrote The Small Business Start-Up Workbook © to address the initial needs of our small business owners (satisfaction guaranteed or your money back).
  • The Workbook is economical, highly-effective, and provides an ongoing valuable resource.
  • The Workbook alleviates the need to take notes, rely on memory, or expend additional time and money.
  • BlackBull provides additional small business coaching and consultations for only: $65 (30-min) or $120 (full hour).