BlackBull Accounting, Inc.

Financial Statements

Financial Statement preparation for your small business is a long-standing service at BlackBull 

Depending upon your needs, monthly, quarterly, and year-end detailed operating financial statements can be produced and analyzed on a timely basis. At BlackBull, we use premium accounting software to provide helpful comparisons and calculations for effective, practical, and efficient business analysis. Remember, we are Certified Elite-Level QuickBooks ProAdvisors!

Have you ever heard the saying “Numbers don’t lie?” There is a lot of truth to that.
Numbers are transparent and reveal the gap between perception and reality for business owners. Every business owner should be able to produce up-to-date financial statements. Financial statements are essential before making meaningful business management decisions, securing loans, seeking venture capital, selling a business, and preparing tax returns. Financial statements are like an EKG on the heart of the business. They reveal the health of the company. 

Quick Story: At BlackBull, we have a client who owns and runs a successful small business. This person spends a lot of time on the road and therefore, eats out often. When we asked "How much do you think your meal expenses are for the year?", he estimated about $2,400. The financial statements revealed the true number: $14,000. Again, perception versus reality. Sometimes these two concepts are miles apart. At BlackBull, we understand the power of accurate, well-classified financial statements. Your company’s health depends on it.