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Sometimes our clients say it best!

At BlackBull, we are honored to have our clients send us comments and feedback. We decided to post some of them for you.  We find them to be encouraging and hope you do as well.   And check out Yelp for another 230+ reviews. 150+ are "recommended" and the other 80+ are at the bottom of our Yelp page (We are not quite sure how all that Yelp stuff works). 

There aren't enough nice things I can say about Mark and the BlackBull team. My husband and I are active duty military members with different states we call "home" and Mark was able to fix our last two years’ tax mess. Not only was he prompt and helpful, he was extremely professional and genuinely nice. I highly recommend BlackBull for any of your tax preparation or if you are in a situation where you need help fixing your previous tax issues. We are very thankful for their help and can't wait to use them every year.  M Singleton

I highly recommend this Business to my friends & family. As a local business owner, I need to know that Mark understands my industry. Not only does he know, He gave me advice that improved my business, which improved my customer’s experience. His services are second to none. Thank you guys for all your hard work, and counsel. It is greatly appreciated.  V Banuelos

We had a very difficult time finding some competent tax preparers that would not gouge the money from your wallet.  BlackBull was the ONLY company out of 8 firms I called to not only return my call but had an appointment available almost immediately.  Yes, they were available on Saturday 3 days before the final deadline.  Mark deciphered through my paper work and had the taxes done in record time.  He was fair, honest and explained everything he did so I could understand him.  He also showed me how to keep my records in better form so the IRS would not come knocking and haul me off to Leavenworth.  BlackBull is also an enrolled agent firm which gives them advanced knowledge of what the IRS is looking for.  They have my business from now on.  Thank you Mark and Tiffany.  See you in 2016 but a lot earlier than the last day. A & M Musaelian

I have long been the "do it yourself" guy for my taxes, but with two kids in college and starting my own was just getting too complicated.  Thankfully, we met Mark and Tiffany and we are so happy to have them on our team. They completely changed my opinion on the value that a quality tax preparer can provide. They are going to help me get incorporated next...and my tax situation will get even better. Looking forward to a long relationship with BlackBull Accounting!  Thxs Mark &Tiffany!  T & L Blackburn

We've now gone through 2 tax seasons with Black Bull.  Very happy with the service and advice in handling several LLC's and a few Schedule C business that we have.  Much better service than the last large Accounting Firm we were with, and much more personable. W Elton - MBA

Mark is very easy to get along with and he makes things easy to understand for people who need simple explanations like me. BlackBull has done my taxes for the past three years, and I highly recommend them. From simple returns to more complex multi-source income and business related questions throughout the year, Mark is a great help in all areas. The team at BlackBull is very welcoming and professional, if you have a question that they do not know, they find out and get the answer to you quickly. I will be returning in January to have them file my taxes for the fourth year.  N Head

Both my husband and I own small businesses.  We have enjoyed the professional and personalized service provided by both Tiffany and Mark for the past several years. We have found BlackBull Accounting to be very knowledgeable and love how they make things simple for us.   We are so confident with the BlackBull team, we now have them do our tax preparation AND our QuickBooks. Woo-Hoo! Delighted to get rid of that job!
I would highly recommend these folks......for sure!  D Hopkins

Mark and Tiffany are a true joy to work with, their knowledge and professionalism made this last tax season a breeze. It is rare to find someone so committed to serving my needs and concerns rather than maximizing their own service fees. BlackBull Accounting has earned my loyalty and it is nice knowing that such an outstanding team is standing by to provide me business and personal accounting services at such a reasonable cost. I have no reservations about referring friends and family to BlackBull Accounting and look forward to a long and profitable relationship. Thanks again Mark and Tiffany!!!  J Beckner - J.D.

Another 5-star review for BlackBull!  Mark's commitment to his clients is evident the moment you meet him. Like so many other comments here, we trust his extensive knowledge of all things tax-related and know we will get the best return possible. And Mark doesn't forget about you after tax season--he makes himself readily available to answer your questions and offer assistance all year long.
We will be starting a small business soon, so we ordered his book, The Small Business Start-Up Workbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Small Business Ownership, which has been extremely useful. I highly recommend it! J & S Burke

We unequivocally recommend BlackBull for any and all accounting and tax services you may need. Mark and Tiffany have been extremely patient, always answering our questions very quickly and clearly. They have proposed changes to our accounting to make it easier and more efficient. They have demonstrated a commitment to educating us on how our decisions can impact our financial standing and we trust them wholeheartedly. Adrian & Elizabeth Z

The team at BlackBull accounting made my family and small business accounting needs seem like it was number 1 at all times during the times that I have worked with them. They came highly referred and I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone that is looking for a very approachable and knowledgeable tax service that puts their customers first. I will continue to use them for many years to come! W & A Ledoux

My husband and I would both recommend BlackBull Accounting. Tiffany and Mark are Amazing with Military families and their unique circumstances. They are professional, Knowledgeable, and they truly care about their clients. They assured us that even after leaving the Military and moving back to our home state we can (and will) continue using BlackBull accounting for our taxes. C & T Shaffer

"What can I say but one word: AMAZING!!!
This is the best thing I've ever encountered in my 14 years in the Corps. They are more knowledgeable in multi-state taxes and military family situations than I've ever seen. Go ahead and go to the run of the mill tax places. H&R Block lost us literally thousands of dollars over years of going to them. Mark and Tiffany got every cent back. They have a Carlsbad office, a home office, and can/will even do taxes via email and remote uploads. You cannot beat that. We found them, they found us thousands of dollars in tax returns, hence, they found a client for life."  Justin M

"Mark and Tiffany, thank you for making our tax time so easy. The remote document uploading is amazing. You did out taxes from 1,500 miles away like we were sitting right next to you. Simply wonderful. Thanks again!"  A & M Worth

“Mark, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help. You saved me so much time and frustration trying to do my books.  I paid very little yet received so much help in return. Thanks again.”  Dr. K Williams 

“Dear BlackBull, I am so glad my friend referred me to you. You found an extra $3,000 refund owed to me on my state taxes. No one has ever caught that before. Can you amend my previous tax returns?”  S Blakens 

"Mark and Tiffany are both very friendly and helpful. The tax filing only took a couple of days and they explained everything step by step. I was not lost or confused about anything."  Y Bautista 

"I recommend BlackBull Accounting so readily, that 2 people close to me have signed on and used their services. Mark and Tiffany make the entire process simple, and take the time to learn about you and advise the best way to maximize your tax return. My wife and I have been using BlackBull to do our taxes for a few years now. We feel very comfortable when we meet with Mark and Tiffany; we trust and value their advice, and know that our best interest is always their priority. With their guidance, we are able to successfully operate a few contracting jobs along with my full-time job, and still manage to collect a return at the end of the year. Without the help of BlackBull, my wife and I would be stuck going to a "franchise" tax preparation office, overpaying for less service, and leaving without the direction necessary to succeed in the coming year. We feel very fortunate to have found them."  Shawn & Michelle H.

"The easiest tax return I have ever done! Tiffany and Mark are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable! Their professionalism is exceptional. Even though my husband and I will be moving from the northern California area, we will continue to use their business for our taxes.  Thanks!" Renarldo & Kimberly W.

"BlackBull Accounting was extremely thorough from beginning to end! Well, it's really not the end because I will be coming to Mark and Tiffany for years to come. Mark is so fun to work with during the process or should I say real funny to work with during the daunting process of taxes. I mean who really likes doing their own taxes anyway so if you’re going to do the right thing and hire an accountant, I go with BlackBull Accounting! They make the process easy, exciting and funny! Exciting because they make everything very clear through emails and/or phone and there were no surprises. Funny because they are genuinely funny people. You also have the option of submitting all forms electronically and then signing for the first time in person, then all consecutive years everything can be done electronically, real easy, really fair people and they are definitely affordable because they are confident about their quality of work which in turn will keep you loyal to BlackBull Accounting." S. Daniels

"What do you mean I can't spend a ton of money on a sports car?  Isn't that more important than rent?  Tiffany and Mark are like those good friends or family that tell you like it is. Sometimes you don't want to hear it but you know they are really good to have around you.  I went to them to clean up our personal finances and get on a budget.  They spent a lot of time helping us understand the process, the outcome, and what to do. We then decided to use them for both personal and business taxes.  I was happy with their work and would highly recommend them."  Jason & Autumn K

"Words can't describe how pleased my husband and I are with Mark & Tiffany!!! 1st, they were able to help us with a new business venture we started last year. Mark even has a book on new business start-ups! 2nd, they are certified in every state and have a special certification for the military... Which meant the world to us since we are active duty USMC. BUT, the best part about all of this is Mark finding me over $3,000 I was owed from 2012 & 2013 returns from the state of IL. They work their butts off to give you the highest return possible with minimal fees. We have recommended them to all of our friends, family, & co-workers and hope to keep them extra busy with everything come January 2015!!!"  J & A Miller

"These people are brilliant!  They are so skilled at what they do and bring such a sense of calm to souls like us (well, me) that are completely rattled by finances and (take a deep breath) TAXES!   It's always been a mystery to me how anyone could trust a total stranger with their money until I met them.  This husband-wife team have more than accounting sense going for them. They have people skills that endure them to their clients.  Only regret I have is that I didn't find them sooner."  Ellen T.

"Highly efficient and professional business with a personable approach. You genuinely walk away feeling like Mark and Tiffany care about you, because they do! They generally care about their clients and do everything they can to maximize your profit. Thank you for providing us a great service! You won't be disappointed by the effort that Mark and Tiffany invest in you." J. Thacker

"I been going to Mark and Tiffany for 2 years now. I’m glad I found them. I was referred by a good friend. I was hesitant at first because it was someone new. I’m am glad I did. All of these years of going to other people, no one has explained to me how a tax return works. Mark will explain anything if you don’t understand why this is happening or why is this number so low or high. Marks experience puts myself and my wife at ease when it comes to taxes. We know we are in good hands at all times. I am so glad we found BlackBull accounting. When talking to Mark, he talks to you at your level and not at a level you don't understand. He will tell you the facts and not steer you down a wrong path. If you want someone that is honest and reliable all year round, Mark is the right guy for business and personal." Steve & Alice S.

"I've been seeing Mark for all tax needs for years and the addition of Tiffany to the team has only made BlackBull's services that much better. You can really tell they both care about their clients. Personally, I know they have made sure I am 100% informed about changes to my accounting needs from getting married to starting a business myself. In fact, I even bought Mark's book before I opened my doors - he brings a lighthearted approach to an otherwise daunting subject (for me personally anyway.)" Heather F.

"This year was the first time that I sought out professional help for doing my taxes.  Mark and Tiffany were referred by a friend of mine, and they certainly did not disappoint!  They were highly responsive to all my questions both answering them all as well as doing so very quickly.  Their set up for exchanging documents was also very useful.  Overall the process of getting my taxes done was very smooth and very fast, which I really appreciated.  I definitely recommend BlackBull for filing taxes!" Jennifer E.

"I always get great customer service with BlackBull. I'm always kept in the loop during the whole process of my return and if I have any questions during the year, Mark and Tiffany are always more than happy to help me out."  E Bruegman & M Britt 

"BlackBull provides very accurate and prompt service. They always have great customer service. Tiffany helped get us $700 back from the previous year that a different tax service failed to do."  D & A Klingler 

"Dear Mark, and Tiffany: I try to keep my paper work as simple as possible.  Tom and I found you thru you know who.  We liked you for your ability and friendly way of preparing our taxes.  We continue to return to you for the same reason.    P.S. cute picture on Post Card."  Tom & Edith N.

"I have been using Mark for my annual tax return for 5 years now and I am more than pleased with BlackBull. They always give full explanation for everything and I get the most possible money from my return. I have contacted Black Bull numerous times over the years when making purchases such as buying a house or investing money and they always have sound advice in a timely manner. Customer service is great and I recommend BlackBull to all my friends and acquaintances." Ed & Melissa B.

"I have worked with Mark and Tiffany on various projects since 2006.  They are a tremendous team with fantastic communication skills.  Lately, my taxes were much more complicated and I had them straighten them up because I originally tried to do it myself.  Tiffany put so much effort into many pages of the tax forms and got it all cleared up.  I have always been able to rely on their hard work and attention to detail.  They are knowledgeable, honest, and are highly recommended."  Rose S.

"Mark and Tiffany were life savers for me. Besides doing my personal taxes and staying up late doing required amendments. They did a wonderful job wrapping up all the loose ends on a family estate. They were a wealth of knowledge and made sure everyone involved had their bases covered. They are great people to work with and I do not hesitate to call them for advice even when it is not tax season. They are always able and willing to advise when they can. Tax season does not seem quite as daunting knowing I have them on my team and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends." P. Turley

"Mark & Tiffany are the best! It was by chance (and great luck) that we met them shortly after moving to the area three years ago. They have been a tremendous help to us in getting both our personal and business interests in line. We have complete trust in them, and really appreciate their approach to business and customer service. We have referred them to our parents when they moved to the area as well. Without a doubt, would highly recommend Black Bull Accounting!"  Don & Nikki G.

"I first met Mark several years ago during that wonderful time of year known as "TaxTime". Mark made my experience, which up until then was either a personal chore or a night-mare, very easy and enjoyable. He assured me that he could (and did) complete the necessary returns in record time and yes---they were accurate, up-to-date and completely correct. Since that time I and my wife have been using BlackBull Accounting for all of our tax related issues and have several instances where we needed information and advice regarding issues other than direct tax returns, which might have tax consequences. Both Mark and Tiffany have responded quickly and have been available to assist in all of our personal financial transactions, as well. We highly recommend them and have referred our family members and encouraged others to take advantage of their expertise and warm reception."  Dan & Olena M.

"I recently changed my booking service to Black Bull and I wish I had found them earlier in my career life. They are sound professionals with extensive knowledge of the tax codes and are extremely well educated in the needs of business professionals and the average person's personal tax requirements. They are family owned business with a large corporate attitudes always looking to provide benefit for my needs for tax and accounting services. I have enjoyed their kindness, good humor and patient guidance they continue to provide. I would and have recommended them highly to all my friends and associates. I would urge to utilize this fine group of professional if you are considering an accounting change for yourself or your business. They simply are the best !!"  T. Hopkins

"I look forward to tax time now that I've found BlackBull Accounting!  Mark and Tiffany Torr take the time to review all aspects of my tax year and have been instrumental in setting up a small business plan for me.  I was referred to BlackBull Accounting by a colleague and have paid it forward many times.  Mark and Tiffany are accounting wizards who really know the tax codes.  So happy to have found BlackBull Accounting! You guys are the best!"  Deborah M.

"BlackBull accounting was exactly what my wife & I were looking for. After moving to the San Diego area from the Palm Springs area, we needed a new accounting/tax firm. We found what we were looking for in BlackBull. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and very understanding. They present to you all the pertinent information in a manner that is understandable. We highly recommend BlackBull Accounting."  W & Y Gill

"Mark and Tiffany (owners of BlackBull Accounting) were sincerely helpful to my wife and I while assisting us doing our taxes for the first year. They were more than happy to work with us and our busy schedules. They are great for military families due to the fact that you can contact them anyplace in or out of country and they can help assist you. We will continue to go back to them every year. The process was quick and easy and you are coached through every step and always feel like you know exactly what is going on and never feel like you are being taken advantage of. I would strongly recommended Black Bull Accounting to anyone."  Dalton & Stephanie M.

"BlackBull Accounting is owned and operated by two of the coolest people you will meet. Mark T. has over 25 years of experience with self-employed taxpayers and business owners. Tiffany T. has over 10 years of experience with tax preparation for individuals and business owners. Both are great with people and numbers! Their experience shows.  I have never met people like them before. Great to work with."  Ericka M.

"Mark and Tiffany are an excellent team.  I am so glad that I was referred to them and in return I have referred additional clients their way.  They are exceptional at what they do, very through and organized and since they are the experts in the field, I trust that they are working in my best interests.  I love how they prepare your tax return and I will continue to be a long time customer as we grow old together!"  Gina V.

"Mark and Tiffany are taking care of our tax returns since our move from Switzerland in 2012. We’re impressed with their proficiency and knowledge of the related questions, including foreign tax issues. It  always was a pleasure to deal with them and we plan to continue working with BlackBull for the foreseeable future."  Harold & Karin L.

"Mark and Tiffany are awesome. They are always available when I need  something ( or at least they act like they are) they are not afraid to tell you that you are not making the best spending decisions and will even work with you to fix some of those bad habits. I enjoy working with Mark he makes you feel more of a friend than a client and I think that is really important since you will be talking about your personal finances. I would and have recommend anyone that is in the process of setting up a business or just looking to do some basic tax work Black Bull Accounting is your solution."  Shane & Rose C.

"Something that is so stressful for many people is an instant weight lifted off our shoulders working with Mark and Tiffany. We just know when we work with them, they have our best interest. We will continue to use BlackBull in the years to come."  B & J Cole 

"I love that we can drop off all the paperwork at their lovely welcoming home office (while "watching our step" as Mark says) while going off to get lunch and shop only to come back to a professional family friendly environment. Talking about anything but taxes relieves the stress and boredom of other tax offices! Thanks for making our day EASY! ...We'll be back."  C & S Evans

"BlackBull made it very easy and made us feel comfortable during a time where things can be stressful. Awesome husband and wife team that supports military families. Thank you. See you next year!"  C & J Alatorre

"BlackBull was very organized and made my tax experience simple and easy. I like how they explain each step of the process so that I know what's going on. I've never had that before. They were awesome! I will definitely be back next year."  D Starnes

"Black Bull Accounting (Tiffany and Mark) is really as good as it gets. After using their professional tax services for two years, our family is confident in the quality of work provided and have full trust that our tax needs are fully met. The combination of capability, knowledge, timeliness and their positive attitude makes Black Bull Accounting our only choice for accounting and tax services. Strong supporters of service members and their families, we recommend Black Bull Accounting to anyone looking to improve the quality of service they are currently receiving. You won't be disappointed working with Tiffany and Mark."  T & B Freeman

"Mark and Tiffany were miracle workers.  They stopped at nothing to fix all of the mistakes I made using TurboTax and squeezed over $3,000 more from our amended returns.  I can't wait to see what they can do going back a few years.  They have made their system extremely easy to use and are customer service oriented all the way.  Highly recommend using these great folks!"  Joseph & Katelyn S.

"All I can say is WOW about Mark and Tiff at BlackBull. I came in with a full year of messed up books and in no time, was not only caught up with my year, but they found ways for me to save even more money!!!!! They make you feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks again BlackBull!!!!!!!!!"  Lance S.

"Going through Mark for my Taxes was one of my better Ideas.  Here's why I will always use them; He Itemized what I was paying and why, gave complete and EASY to understand records, and answered every question in depth answers that were simple.  I am active duty and I own 1 business and I'm starting another, he broke the incorporation and copyrighting process down a 5th grade level.  I'm about money, Mark wants me to have to pay 25k in taxes because that means I made 300k this year.  Black Bull "It makes Dollars so it makes Sense.""  C. Gilmore

"If you're looking for the most knowledgeable, reasonably priced and excellent tax service look no further.  Mark and Tiffany Torr of BlackBull Accounting are very professional and know all the latest tax laws and can help you get the very most out of your return.  Give them a call!" Melanie O.

"BlackBull made my business tax returns a breeze!  They took care of everything and guided me through the process, offering fantastic advice to maximize my return and building a strategy for future returns.  All of my documents were presented very professionally, for my records and reference. In addition Tiffany and Mark are so pleasant and down to earth.  They made me feel very comfortable in what would have otherwise been a stressful and overwhelming experience for me.  Top notch people, results and pricing; you should call BlackBull too!"  M. Schmidt

"BlackBull Accounting is an extremely professional, honest and efficient accounting and tax service. They take the time to tailor to the specific needs of the costumer and ensure it is done accurately every time. It has been a pleasure working with this company and we will continue to do so for many years to come. Very highly recommended."  Brett & Celina M.

"I was referred to BlackBull Accounting two years ago by a friend. Simply word of mouth. That has something to say for itself. After being with the same accountant for twenty years. I did not realize how little my accountant did know and how much he wasn't working to make sure we covered everything that we should have to complete my taxes. Everything was done by email and as the years went by there were no consultations. It seemed as if I was an income rather than a client. That all changed when I moved over to BlackBull. Mark and Tiffany are exceptionally knowledgeable and their customer service is exceptional! Mark always has a consultation with me and goes over everything on my taxes one line at I time so I understand everything. They are not only there for me at tax time, they are available at all times for any other needs I might need throughout the year. Working with BlackBull is like being part of a family. I can tell that Mark and Tiffany really care and do the best possible work for me. They will make sure that we exhaust all avenues to prepare my taxes by asking and extracting my information by consultation or the excellent forms they provide. The BlackBull website is a wealth of information and also has a secure area to upload documents.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professionalism and excellent customer service for the preparation for any accounting needs!"  Chuck R.

"We have had the best experience with BlackBull! They walked us through everything and took their time. We have peace of mind knowing they honestly care about us as people. Great experience. Excited to file next year."  R & A Batchelor

"Great people to work with. Trustworthy, honest, and reliable. Tiffany did a great job and got me more money back this year. Nice talking with you too Mark."  S Davis

"BlackBull was a very friendly company to come to and file our taxes with. They make us feel very welcomed and make sure we have the best satisfaction."  M & J Linares

"BlackBull not only helped me and took care of my tax return, but they also helped me understand the process. So happy to have made the decision to do my taxes with BlackBull.  Helpful and welcoming. BlackBull is the way to go."  M Medina

"I like working with BlackBull because they are very responsible when I need communicating. They look for all possible deductions for the largest refunds. Friendly and family oriented."  B Day

"Mark and Tiffany are a great team. They are very informed and are great at answering even the most intricate questions. The process was smooth and expedient. I recommend their services with enthusiasm."  N A Head

"Mark and Tiffany are the best!! They explain everything in detail and make sure I never leave without having all my questions answered. I refer them to everyone I know. They have my business for life."  R Ward

"They're so awesome! Mark & Tiffany worked my return 6 different ways to get me the most excellent numbers. They really made sure I was happy with their service & I totally am! Thank you BlackBull!  N Jaksch

"Amazing experience! Didn't require making any appointments to go into an office. Was able to call and get all of my questions answered over the phone. Also, throughout the year, whenever tax related questions have come up, I've been able to call BlackBull Accounting and get my questions answered so I'm prepared to file taxes later in the year."  Josh L.

"Woohoo! As good as it gets!  I have doing my income taxes with BlackBull Accounting for the last 3 years! Mark Torr has been an outstanding tax advisor! Tax season can be overwhelming and stressful for my wife and I, but BlackBull Accounting has made the whole process simple, smooth, and efficient. Along in completing our taxes, Mark Torr has provided reliable advice in preparing for the next tax season. I go to sleep with having a peace of mind knowing my taxes are completed professionally and accurately!"  Bryan & Claire F.

 "Tiffany and Mark at Black Bull Accounting are so great to work with. I have used their professional tax services for both my corporate and personal taxes since I first met them at a local networking event a couple of years ago. I like that they are a local family business and are passionate, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about what they do. With them, we have revamped our corporate tax strategy and are saving money. That makes both my business partner and me very happy! I never knew doing my taxes could be both educational and fun. For great tax and accounting services, keep it local and keep it Black Bull!"  R. Brasher

 "Mark and Tiffany are on top of their game when it comes to being Professionals. They have been my accountants for 5 years and I can highly recommend them for all your accounting needs. They are very knowledgeable and guide me through all the steps as they prepare my taxes. They are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to explaining or teaching me how the process is done. I completely trust them and respect their professionalism. They're also very pleasant to be around."  K. Livingston

"Mark and Tiffany are so amazing at what they do. We've come to them for the 2nd year now for our taxes and it's always a very thorough, quick, and easy appointment. They both are very accessible and fun to speak with!" smiley   N & T Dauterive

"Mark & Tiffany were very professional & took the time to explain the ever-confusing world of taxes!  The fact that they are so pro-military & willing to go the extra step to help military families says a lot about their character and commitment. Plus, they have nice binders!"  R Strong

"This was by far the most effortless tax experience I've ever experienced.  I emailed them a few docs, they knew exactly what they were for, and I had my return in a week.  Sure, anyone could expect a few questions, but as soon as they were answered, it was filed and we were on with our lives.  They were also kind enough to offer some good future tax advice, as well, which I look forward to heading this next year. This was better than Jackson Hewitt or Turbo Tax, by far.  I didn't think I'd ever say this, but I eagerly anticipate next year's tax season with the incredible service I've come to admire from Tiffany and Mark at BlackBull Accounting. Seriously, ya'll take one my most arduous annual tasks & make it go smoother than a baby's bottom. Love it, man, & I look forward to our many more years! "  Bryce M.

""I highly recommend BlackBull Accounting. I met Mark and Tiffany when I was going through a very difficult divorce. I hadn't done my own taxes in years, and knew I needed help. They were fantastic to work with. I gave Mark my financial information, and he took care of everything! The resulting documents were presented to me in a professional package, which he used to explain exactly what went into the process to achieve the best outcome for me. Mark and Tiffany are wonderful and caring individuals and have been my accounting professionals for the last two years. I have complete trust in them, and will continue to turn to them for all my tax accounting needs through the years. I trust them and encourage you to trust them too!"  J. Davison

"The best part about BlackBull is the comfortable atmosphere and the way Mark and Tiffany make understanding our tax returns so easy. We never feel anxious during tax season and always know we will be taken care of. BlackBull will be our accounting company for life!  Thanks!"  S & M Herris

"Tiffany & Mark were both great. Tax season is always stressful, but with their help, it was all easy. They gave us a great return and they explained the whole tax preparation process. I would recommend BlackBull to my family & friends. Thank you guys."  J & C Cinco

"BlackBull is soooooooo cool! I finally received a refund. It's been a long time! Mark, I love the bull since I am an ex-bull fighter!"  R Ward

"Thank you very much Mark & Tiffany. We were truly impressed with how easy this process was. Thank you so much for all the good advice. When we move, you are coming with us! Thank you!"  D & M Rizzo

"Amazing, friendly, knowledgeable, great experience and learning process! I've been going to Mark for the past two years and he explains everything in detail and is willing to take the time to answer any questions I may have. He's extremely professional and fights for his people to make sure they get their max refund! It's always a good time when I meet with mark, it's not all business when I go to get my taxes done. He's always asking about my family and how my business is going. A great man and a great job. If you want to know all the details and get as much back as possible Mark is your man!"  Mike R.

"Mark and Tiffany have been preparing my taxes for years!  I use to dread going to the library to pick up the do-your-taxes-yourself way prior to hiring them for my needs.  Now I look forward to tax season since they are so much fun to meet with, professional and I always leave feeling confident they filed my taxes the most fair way or either saving me the money I deserve or receiving a return that is much more than what I would attempted to get back on my own. They stay up to par with increasing their knowledge as tax laws change and know more about saving You the hard earned money You work for specializing in small businesses. No matter how small your business may be or just getting started there is so much to know there just is no way I would magically figure out all my tax write offs without their help. I have referred several friends, co-workers and Loved Ones over the years and I am yet to have anyone tell me they were displeased.  They have each referred out more and more people since they were so satisfied with Black Bull Accounting!  I do not receive anything for spreading the good word other that pure joy of connecting awesome peeps with even more awesome peeps! Hands down a company that is passionate about what they do and value their services.  Recommend them to anyone I know!  

PS Friends, Co-workers and Loved Ones that have ALWAYS done their taxes on their own no longer do them after 1 visit with Black Bull Accounting.  My only regret ~not meeting them sooner! Loyal customer for life!"  Jessica B.

"BlackBull is extremely organized and well run. Mark is always so helpful every year we have used BlackBull. Thank you for all that you do!" S & K Moller

"We met Tiffany and she told us about her new company. So here we are doing our taxes at BlackBull! Tiffany & Mark are both so friendly, honest, and helpful. Thank you for everything!"  C & B Michaud

"BlackBull is extremely professional. Taxes always confuse me. They made it very easy to understand. Very professional and kind! Thank you for quick and amazing service!"  B Heflin

"BlackBull was extremely organized & helpful with open communication throughout the entire period. It made us feel like we were in good hands. Definitely will be back!"  C & M Helms

"The "VIP Treatment!" The experience was painless and easy. Mark& Tiffany even provide service from their own home office with a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. True professionals. Highly recommend! Will use again next year!"  S & H Martin

"Mark & Tiffany - Thank you so much for handling our taxes the last two years. You've been great at explaining tax "talk" and very knowledgeable. Being able to come to your home has been great as well. Thanks for being flexible with your time."  G & C Andrade 

"Felt very comfortable trying BlackBull. This was my first year with your business and I will be sure to come back next year."  J Lazarek

"From the very first phone conversation with Mark, we knew that we found our "tax guy." We interviewed 2 other tax professionals and asked numerous friends and family for a referral of a reliable CPA in our search before making an easy decision to go with BlackBull Accounting. We have used TurboTax for the past 10+ years so finding the right company to entrust with our tax needs was a daunting task for us. Mark and Tiffany were so patient with us through all our questions. They provided a wealth of information that we didn't even know we needed or had the expertise to ask. As we move forward with our small business, we are confident that BlackBull Accounting will make certain that our personal and business tax needs are looked after as if they were their own."  K & S Jackson

"Mark and Tiffany were amazing to work with. They answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease. Very educational and both are SO easy to talk to. I love how easy the process was to file this year. They are absolutely wonderful to work with!"  R & J Vanarsdall

"Mark & Tiffany were so nice and efficient. They have been doing my taxes for the past two years. I plan on having them process my taxes for many more years."  R Campano

"I love the BlackBull attention to detail. Their service is impeccable. We truly appreciate the time and effort they put in to handling our finances. We will be return customers for many years to come!"  K & R White

"Tiffany & Mark are great & walked us through the taxes from start to finish. We will be return customers wherever we move!"  T & C Shaffer

"This was the best tax experience we have ever had. Painless, informative, and very easy. We are SO appreciative of all the help."  A & M Blanton

"The services provided through BlackBull were far better than any tax service I have ever received and worth every penny I paid. Not only are BlackBull employees courteous, but they are extremely knowledgeable in all financial matters."  N G Gonzalez

"Thanks again for the service you provide. We are always confident that you all are looking out for our best interest while trying to educate us about what we should be doing with our taxes. Thank you!"  A & E Zavala

"BlackBull Accounting has always been an amazing experience. I have been with them now for three years. I truly appreciate the open communication and the ability to upload my documents electronically. Thank you so much for all that you do and for making tax paying easy. I will definitely be back next year!"  H Castillo

"Love working with Mark & Tiffany! They made this tax year easy & stress free. We will definitely be staying with BlackBull in the future. As our family grows, we are comfortable having Mark & Tiffany to help us along the way." smiley   J & V Avina

"This is my first time with BlackBull and I loved it. I was treated like family and I would highly recommend BlackBull to all my friends and family!"  C Robles

"BlackBull was fantastic at helping us handle the taxes of a loved one that passed. They handled everything with the upmost of care."  The Blantons

"BlackBull is fantastic!  I always know Mark and Tiffany will do whatever they can to get my money back. I recommend BlackBull to all my friends and family!"  K Kelsey

"We recommend BlackBull Accounting to all our friends!  Mark & Tiffany simplify the tax process for us (and we always have fun as well!). Thanks a million!"  E & S Sayers

"They made me feel like family. I have never had an experience filing taxes like this. They do everything possible to ensure that you get everything you deserve in your refund. I will recommend them to anyone that needs accounting help. Thanks BlackBull!"  J Mack

“Because of your help with my bookkeeping, I have managed to save thousands of dollars this year in income taxes and ended the year with much more money in my pocket and less gray hairs on my head. Thanks BlackBull.”   E Stuart 

“OMG, I can’t believe how amazing my tax return is. You found expenses and credits I didn’t know I had. I paid you hundreds and you got me thousands. I’m in love.”  C Stevens 

“I thought you should know, you charged me half of what I used to pay my old CPA and you did a much better job.  You are fast, responsive, and very professional. Thanks again for your help.”   M McCullough 

“Dear Mark and Tiffany, thank you for all the time you spent with me getting my new business off the ground.  My stress is gone and I have solutions in place. I can focus my attention on my clients and not worry about my books or the IRS. Thanks again. You two are the best!”  A Cutter 

“Tiffany, my wife can’t believe what a difference BlackBull made for us this year. Thanks again.”   T Dawson 

“..By the way, you completed my Federal return and three State returns this year for less than I paid for my Federal and one state return last year, and you did them all correctly the first time. I cannot say that about my old tax preparer. I’m glad I found you.”  G Green 

“Dear BlackBull, just so you know, my prior CPA would charge me $800 for my tax returns. You did a much better job and saved me tons of cash and hassle in the process. The value you provide is very refreshing. Thank you for all of your help.”  J Hatfield 

“Mark, seeing is believing. Your help with my bookkeeping actually put over $5,000 more money in my pocket because of the expenses you captured. Needless to say, I won’t being trying to do my own books anymore.”   M Brighton 

“BlackBull, Thank you Tiffany & Mark for fixing all the mistakes VITA made on my tax returns. I will be sending all my military friends and family to you. “  C Renforth 

“When my husband and I started our business, we knew very little about keeping good records or the best way to approach our state and federal taxes. Honestly, we wanted to start our business two years ago but I was afraid because we did not know what we were doing. I was overwhelmed. Thank you for sitting down with us and coaching us. You make it all seem so easy. We consider you to be one of our business partners. We feel we can focus all of our attention on our customers and let you worry about the financials and taxes. BlackBull is the best.”  A & S Griggs