BlackBull Accounting, Inc.

Long-Term Planning & Retirement

Accounting and taxes, for the most part, are historical events. They look to the past. Accounting is a re-active endeavor. However, at BlackBull, we focus on the past, present, and future. We know effective accounting needs to be pro-active, not re-active.
With a whole-istic approach to business, taxes, and finances, we feel the "holes in the bucket" (i.e. lost income, unnecessary expenses, etc.) need to be plugged before trying to "fill the bucket" (i.e. earning, saving, and investing).
Who would choose to build their house on sand? Not us. When taxes, business, and retirement are fused together, the benefits of proper management grow exponentially. Efficiencies compound with other efficiencies and can generate amazing results. These gains, in turn, need to be protected.
The house being built should not have a trap door. What will happen to you if the market adjusts another 30% in the wrong direction? Can your retirement or your child's college education afford that? Either way, proper planning is key for meeting your goals.
At BlackBull, we help our individuals and business owners with a full array of planning tools and experts. As your nest egg grows, BlackBull is here to help point you in the right direction with your tax and estate planning issues. Earning it is one thing, keeping it is another.